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61 SE Ryan Rd
Shelton, WA 98584
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We are only 15 minutes from Olympia, and just a mere 1 mile north of Little Creek Casino on the east side of Hwy 101 in Shelton. Look for our HUGE 50 foot high Reader board sign. 7 homes to view.
Monday ~ Friday: 9am to 5pm
Saturday: 10am to 5 pm
Sunday: 12am to 5pm

who to contact

Darrell Barker · Home Consultant · Phone:(360) 463-7934  · Fax(360) 426-8493 · Send an Email Kain Kirkendoll · Owner · Phone:(360) 427-6667  · Fax(360) 426-8493 · Send an Email

about us

We build modern and fully customized houses that are manufactured inside an efficient and roofed factory. We have 100s of floor plans to select from and we can even build you a house from a floor plan you have in mind.

We can build you a ''7 bedroom 4 bath'' home or a ''1 bedroom 1 bath'' home and any configuration in between. Our houses are anchored to a perimeter concrete foundation just like any County building code requires for a proper solid footprint.

We'll build your home in less time, apx. 7 weeks, & less money invested in your family's shelter than you will going the traditional ''rain delayed'' method building a ''stick built'' home.

We are a full service dealership that will see your project through to your County's final inspection when we and your lender are happily handing you the keys. Speaking of lending, most all of them are issuing interest rates on a par with most any other type of dwelling structure.

We have a nice show room for upgrade options like color metal roofing.

We, unlike the traditional built guys, provide you with a firm ''bottom line'' price you can literally ''take to the bank.'' ~

We Don't Do ''Estimates'' here.

Our exterior walls are 2x6 kiln dried studs and 2x4 interior walls, concrete siding and tape~textured gypsum drywalls. We are EPA approved ''Energy Star'' insulated with many Electric Companies rebating our customers $100s of dollars for having chosen Energy Star.

Just As The Light Bulb Has Evolved, So Has Manufactured Housing

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